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Coaching you to coach yourself, with compassion for yourself & others.

Join us as we co-create compassionate social and emotional learning communities using Character Champion Skills!

What is Character Champions?
For over 25 years, the Character Champions Foundation and Character Champion Behavioral Health and Wellness have been delivering robust, sustainable initiatives for individuals, communities, schools, and families, to improve interpersonal relationships and well-being.  Our tools and curriculum improve self-awareness, self-management, healthy decision-making, social awareness, social responsibility, leadership and relationship skills.  These outcomess result in schools, communities, and families where individuals are able to contribute their natural character strengths to build mutually respectful relationships within collaborative, compassionate cultures.   We partner with organizations that share our priorities, such as The International Charter for Compassion and its state and local affiliates.
Our user-friendly tools synergize the best practices in the fields of psychology, neurology, education, and  
sociology.  Implementation is supported by evidence-based methodologies that are customized to address the social, emotional, and learning needs of differing personality types and learners. 
What's My "Character Quotient?"   

All of our programs begin by you learning your own set of character strengths and preferences, and how those traits interact within you to form your motivations and behavior.  This information, delivered through a scoring system, is called your Character Quotient - your "CQ."  Knowledge of your own CQ allows you to become more self-aware, which is how all positive change - both personal and social - begins.  Knowing yourself well is essential to leveling up your abilities in your work, your relationships, and in how you communicate and make decisions to create your life. 

Take our free, evidence-based CQ Survey to receive a report detailing your own preferred sets of inborn character traits.  We use the language of colors to represent your character traits, to make learning fun, easy, and memorable.  Share your CQ report with others so they'll better understand you, to improve your relationships and your communication right away.  Encourage your colleagues, friends and family to take our free CQ survey as well, so that they can enjoy the benefits of improved self-understanding!                                                                                                                                                       


Are you ready to "level up" your

character?  You'll discover that it's the compassionate part of you that allows you to change, grow, and adapt to life's challenges in ways that benefit both you and others.


Your compassionate "Champion" self can be a healing force in your life and in the world.  You can learn to retrain your brain to choose the principles of compassion for yourself and others.  When you do this, you'll manifest in the world as a Character Champion leader.


Character Champions Behavioral Health & Wellness

is a 501(c)(3) - Non -Profit Organization


310-388-7779 / 909-732-6224


Find Practical Tips, Tools & Strategies on How to "LEVEL UP" Your Life and Achieve Your Goals  

Teacher's Lesson Plan Included